E-Training of Medical Staff to Reach Adolescents of Different Cultures (ADOACADEMIA)

Within the scope of European Commission's Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci Programme for Vocational Education and Training, a web portal has been developed which contains electronic training material including an e-book, case vignettes, overarching texts, quizzes, measurement & evaluation material and educational films. The project titled ‘E-Training of Medical Staff to Reach Adolescents of Different Cultures’, focused on ‘Immigrant Adolescents at Risk’. This web portal is intended to function as a complementary training tool for (para) medical staff as well as the social workers dealing with immigrant adolescents or those with migrant background in the European countries. The web portal is meant as a growing reservoir of complementary, evidence based, scientific and clinical practical knowledge. Family doctors, nurses, pediatricians, youth psychologists and psychiatrists and other health/social workers dealing with adolescents can enhance and make their daily work easier by using this portal. They can also exchange their views and experiences and also provide online support for adolescents and their families.

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