Interactive Educational Material for Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation Nurses (BMTCare)

We have developed, in close collaboration with our project partners, a web portal to address the training problems of pediatric BMT nurses within the framework of European Commission's Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci Programme for Vocational Education and Training. In so doing, we aimed at utilization of nursing care in the pediatric bone marrow transplantation field in the most efficient and supportive way in order to increase the success rate in bone marrow transplantation procedures and post-transplantation care services and consequently contribute to public health. Within the scope of our project, an innovative interactive training platform equipped with essay-type lectures and multimedia presentations was developed for the benefit of pediatric bone marrow transplantation nurses.

The e-library section of the portal encompasses courses and case studies on important topics relating to pediatric BMT. In the self-evaluation and measurement section, there are quizzes involving three groups of questions: questions regarding each course, questions for general level assessment and questions for self-evaluation. The multi-language portal can be viewed in Turkish, English, German, Spanish and Czech languages and contains forums where nurses, physicians and patients can share information and exchange views.

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