Blood Bank Information Management System

The system is the flagship of Hemosoft's Blood Supply Chain Management Solutions as it has been serving the Turkish Red Crescent in the capacity of the national blood banking software in the blood centers and regional blood centers across the country. It records and monitors all processes from blood donation to post-transfusion follow-up in adherence to international standards. It also employs warning, guidance and decision support tools which ensure error prevention and fast processing.


The modules and basic features of the system are as follows:

✔ Donation Management

  • Donor Records
  • Appointment Management
  • Questionnaire Management and Eligibility Checks
  • Physical Examination Management and Eligibility Checks
  • Preliminary Tests and Eligibility Tests
  • Phlebotomy Processes and Donor Reaction Management (Donor Surveillance)
  • Donor Deferral Data Management
  • Donor Antigen Data
  • Donor Apheresis Management

✔ Quarantine Management

✔ Flexible Product Processing Management

✔ Advanced Product and Material Inventory Management

  • For single-center or multi-center establishments
  • Blood Group, Blood Component, Blood Type, Product Status, Expiration Date, etc.
  • Product Recommendation during Product Use or Transfer based on stock policy
  • Critical and ideal inventory level monitoring and management for blood products and material

 ✔ Disposal Management

✔ Incoming Product Management

✔ Lab Results Management

✔ Transfusion Management

  • Patient Data
  • Patient Tests
  • Product Request
  • Product Reservation and Release
  • Transfusion Data
  • Electronic Cross-Match
  • Blood Group Management for BMT Patients (Patient-Donor Blood Match, Blood Group Suggestion and Monitoring)

 ✔ Work Flow and Configuration Management

✔ Administrative Tasks

✔ System Configuration Management

✔ Advanced User Management

✔ Advanced Reporting and Inquiry

✔ Warning, Guidance and Decision Support Tools in all Processes

✔ Process Management via ISBT 128 Labeling Standards

✔ Device Integrations

✔ Storage Units Temperature Monitoring Systems

✔ Quality Control

✔ Device Inventory, Malfunction and Maintenance Management

✔ Online Blood Request Between Blood Establishments and Request Monitoring

✔ Multilingual Support

✔ Blood and Sample Transfer, Distribution and Return Procedures Management Between Blood Establishments

  • Batch Process Wizard

 ✔ Easily-configurable Flexible Design

✔ Community (Non-hospital) or Regional Blood Banks

✔ Hospital Blood Banks

✔ Hospital Transfusion Services

✔ Collection Facilities

✔ Distribution Centers

✔ Regional or National Use

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