Blood Bank Laboratory Information Management System

Blood bank laboratory information management system is designed for satisfying the specific requirements of reference / regional blood testing laboratories. This system shortens the length of time required to run lab processes, further boosts the reliability of the lab processes and helps ease the heavy work load. The system can be integrated to the lab devices; it provides a convenient process automation tool and also presents an error prevention feature. It is an advanced lab management system which has been customized for blood banks and for transfusion medicine practices. It is also suitable for labs which operate independently from regional blood centers and donation centers.

✔ Internal and External Sample Monitoring Module
✔ Sample Acceptance, Delayed Sample Acceptance
✔ Repetitive Record Merging
✔ Infection, Immunohematologic and Cross Match Test Follow-up
✔ Ending Test Groups
✔ Batch Processing
✔ Integration to lab devices





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