Cold Chain Monitoring System

The system ensures the recording, monitoring and reporting of temperature conditions that the blood and blood components are exposed to throughout the whole blood supply chain. This includes storage and intra- and inter-center transfer of blood and blood components. The system is supported by temperature sensors located in fixed and mobile storage units, real-time temperature monitoring tools in blood transport bags and warning mechanisms that tip off when the cold chain conditions are outside desired boundaries.


✔ Fixed Storage Units Temperature Monitoring
✔ Mobile Storage Units Temperature Monitoring
✔ Matching refrigerator temperature/product location
✔ Reporting all measurements throughout product’s lifetime
✔ User-defined multi-phased warning mechanisms (visual and audio warnings, e-mail, SMS)
✔ 3 dimensional viewing of the blood establishments and fridge settlements and display of temperature and warning information
✔ On-the-map display of storage units and their temperatures


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