National Haemovigilance System

The system has been developed to be used by organizations responsible for regional and national monitoring and management of blood and blood components. It allows manual data entry by blood establishments and transfusion centers and consequent data retrieval through integration to Blood Bank Information Management System (HemOnline) and Smart Transfusion Management System.


✔ Transfusion and Blood Use Information Monitoring
✔ Serious Adverse Reaction Monitoring
✔ Serious Adverse Reaction Confirmation
✔ Serious Adverse Event Monitoring
✔ Serious Adverse Event Confirmation
✔ Near-Miss Monitoring
✔ Donor Surveillance
✔ Call-back Procedures
✔ Reporting on Local, Regional and National Levels
✔ Comparison Tools According to Center Types and Sizes on Average, Median and Percentile Basis
✔ Vein-to-vein traceability



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