Smart Transfusion Management System

This is a new generation system that ensures effective management of the transfusion process and it is reinforced with mobile computers and tablet PCs. It aims to prevent the most encountered errors during a transfusion life cycle. As an advanced distinctive feature, the system offers the physician, type and number of components to be requested, after matching with the patient data and disease history. It also allows for bed-side sample labeling and employs multi-phased control mechanisms for matching the patient bracelet with the blood unit right before the transfusion. It has functional warnings to assist the transfusion personnel during transfusion. Furthermore, it ensures, before, during and after the transfusion, recording and monitoring of patient conditions and possible symptoms that may arise as a result of an untoward transfusion reaction.


✔ Bed-side Sample Labeling
✔ Component Request According to Symptoms, Patient Info and Disease
✔ Product Acceptance at the Clinic
✔ Bed-side Product Compatibility Check
✔ Transfusion Monitoring

  • Vital Signs
  • CBC Results (Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Platelets, WBC, etc.)

✔ Serious Adverse Event Reporting
✔ Serious Adverse Reaction Reporting


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