Other Hematology Products

Hemosoft presents to its customers the most comprehensive and innovative IT solutions portfolio in the field of hematology. Hemosoft’s hematology IT products enable efficient process management and automation in blood banks, regional blood centers and transfusion clinics. They further provide error prevention and decision support functions owing to the early warning mechanisms they embody. The products across the range of hematology group can be integrated with each other and present a unique and complete blood supply chain management capacity on local and national level.

The products within this range are equipped with an enhanced reporting, query and configuration infrastructure. Thanks to their flexible configuration features and architectural design, the products may be used for effective patient follow-up and process management on regional or national level. You may see an icon on the bottom of the product catalogue pages which indicate whether the product is used on local or national level. You may also see in the product catalogues the sample operation schematics (based on sample country configurations). Hematology products provide top level data security. They have been designed to ensure high performance and ergonomics.

Hemosoft’s hematology products which fall outside the Blood Supply Chain Management Solutions are as follows. Please use the menu on the right for information about these products.

✔ Bone Marrow Transplantation Follow-Up and Decision Support System (SMARTrans)

✔ Cell and Tissue Bank Information Management System (CellBIMS)

✔ Cryogenic Storage System (CryoStore)

✔ Therapeutic Aphaeresis Information Management System (AIMS)

✔ Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry & HLA Inquiry System

✔ National Hereditary Bleeding Disorders Information Management and Surveillance System (HemophiLINE)

✔ HIV/AIDS Patient Registry and Follow-Up System (HIVOnline)

✔ Biobank Information Management System

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