Therapeutic Aphaeresis Information Management System (AIMS)

AIMS is an information management system that keeps records of and enables detailed querying and reporting of aphaeresis procedures to prevent errors, enable product and process traceability, improve process quality and help with training of the aphaeresis personnel.

 ✔ Registration and follow-up of therapeutic aphaeresis procedures according to the international standards

✔ Labeling in compliance with ISBT 128 standards

✔ Device Appointment and Management

✔ Flexible Query and Reporting Tools


The general properties of each module are as follows:

✔ Scheduling and follow-up of device appointments

✔ Follow-up of the measurements before and after the aphaeresis from donor or patient, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the process

✔ Recording all information during the process

✔ Recording and follow-up of the complications

✔ Recording the products in donor aphaeresis and validation procedures

✔ Follow-up of patients, donors and products at every stage

✔ Tracing patient/donor information, product history and user operations when needed (audit trail)

✔ Advanced query and reporting tools to display or print any process or statistical information

✔ Advanced user management for user access definitions

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