National Hereditary Bleeding Disorders Information Management and Surveillance System (HemophiLINE)

HemophiLINE is a web-based software with two major components:

1 - Information Management System (IMS)

2 - Surveillance System

With the IMS component, HemophiLINE helps follow up of hemophilia patients, their treatment and complications they may experience.

Its surveillance component helps monitor the medicine usage on city/region/country levels to maintain regional self-sufficiency, identify long-term national requirements and strategies, develop corrective measures, improve standards and hemophilia treatment services by collecting data and generating queries, reports and statistics.

✔ All user activities are recorded and saved in terms of duration and activity type

✔ Separately controlled user authorization tool for each screen and module

✔ Effective search and query tools in all modules

✔ User-friendly interface

✔ Definition of medical centers, physicians and users

✔ Dynamic definition of factors, medicines and blood products

✔ Registration of the patients’ demographic information and all information relevant to the disease

✔ Registration of all information about patient’s bleeding problems, traumas, coagulation times, circumcision and surgeries

✔ Graphical display of the family tree including relatives who have bleeding disorders

✔ Automatic calculation of orthopedic and radiological scores for the joints

✔ Visual warnings when the test results fall out of the reference range

✔ Using the start and end dates of factor administration in treatment module.

✔ Follow-up of treatment complications

✔ Monitoring the inhibitor development throughout the treatment period

✔ Reporting module that contributes national planning efforts and scientific research studies


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