HIV/AIDS Patient Registry and Follow-Up System (HIVOnline)

HIVOnline is a web-based surveillance software that enables registry and reporting of data on HIV/AIDS cases in local, regional and national scales, without exposing patients’ personal information. Adoption of HIVOnline will provide an HIV/AIDS early warning mechanism through monitoring of epidemics, patient treatment and drug resistance. Evaluation of its surveillance data will help to develop national policies for disease prevention, educational programs and public awareness. Besides surveillance, HIVOnline can follow up the treatment of HIV patients effectively and contribute to an increase in the patients’ quality of life. HIVOnline is a national surveillance system to be used to collect HIV data by prophylaxis centers, local health centers, state, private and university hospitals throughout the country and to submit statistical results to the national health authority. It can sort out the infection sources of risk groups and follow-up the long term trends.


✔ Effective Patient Follow-up

✔ Data security and protected patient identity (anonymous patients)

✔ Local Reporting

✔ Warning and Guiding Tools including drug interaction prevention

✔ National Surveillance System Component (City/Region/Country level)

✔ Multi-language support

✔ Data sharing opportunity with the national health auhority


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