Bone Marrow Transplantation Follow-Up and Decision Support System (SMARTrans)

SMARTrans is a web-based decision support system which offers alternative solutions in all processes from the selection of medical personnel and experts stationed in Bone Marrow Transplantation centers, to the bone marrow transplantation process and long-term post-transplantation follow-up. It is designed as a system which accommodates warning mechanisms and guidance tools to improve patients’ health and their quality of life.

✔ Medical history screening and on-system admission for patients referred online through web-portal.
✔ Patient demographics and communication information.
✔ Donor demographics and communication information.
✔ Donor medical history data.
✔ Donor physical examination results.
✔ Decision committee verdicts.
✔ Registration and follow-up of the consultations transferred from other services.
✔ Daily monitoring of chimerism results, engraftment state and relapse situation.
✔ Patient transfusion processes.
✔ Custom-designed editor for treatment protocol follow-up which enables proceeding, cancelling, postponing and changing drug dosages per each dosage record or aggregately on dosages recorded together.
✔ Saving time for doctors and nurses and minimization of errors with “Early warning / Decision support” components defined through the dynamic rule engine.
✔ Compliance with  EBMT / JACIE / ISCT / FACT standards.


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